So I was flipping through the latest issue of Bitch and reading the letters to the editor when I came across this gem:

"I always read Bitch with a pen in hand so I can mark things I want to check out further. I was thrilled when I saw the write-up about Marimacho…but I was a little disheartened to read that the product was designed for “fashion-conscious folks who are trans, queer, or genderqueer.” I am a straight woman…please don’t assume that only gay or trans women dress or want to dress like men. Straight women do too.”


[bold emphasis mine]

SERIOUSLY?? You’re going to complain about the ONE editorial I’ve EVER SEEN that acknowledges my existence because WAH STRAIGHT WOMEN DO TOO??

And I’m also pissed that she used the word gay instead of queer, and “trans women” when the article clearly meant trans* anyone. And “dress like men”? Missing the point a little. 

Add that to the billion instances of trans* and genderqueer erasure I experience every day, including the same issue of Bitch which talks about vaginas as “female nether regions” (not to me it isn’t) and yeah, I’m seriously annoyed. 

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