This is the last post I will make on this subject. 

After coming out about my survivor status, I received a multitude of wonderful and supportive messages. To those of you who wrote to me, thank you. To those of you who have supported me and the other survivors triggered by this comic but who have not spoken out due to fears of being triggered or attacked themselves, it’s okay. Thank you just for being there, and for continuing to survive. 

To everyone who has shamed me, minimized and erased my experiences and concerns, and blamed me for my own flashbacks, I have a few choice sentiments for you. 

Your reading comprehension appears to be sorely lacking. I never “claimed to be above this. “

I suppose you’re calling us elitists? Well, let me tell you, choking on a crowded train because you’re remembering the blood in your ass makes you feel incredibly privileged. 

And second person there, analyzing us like a sports commentator? Good to know you can distance yourself from this enough to turn us into Aesop’s Fables. 

I hope no one ever tells you that what you went through was not rape. 

this is just so beautiful I actually think I need a numbered list

  2. Poar children, never getting the chance to work through this horrible trauma…I’m glad you care so much! Please step aside, we’re trying to work on our trauma. 
  3. If you ever have a panic attack that takes away your basic functions, I hope you have a damn good reason!! :D
  4. Clearly bittergrapes and I are women. 
  5. You DO realize that you’re actively keeping rape survivors from healing—and darling, I thought you cared!—all for the sake of a single comic. You know, I should ask you: why do YOU care so much? Why are YOU overreacting to our objections? It’s just a comic, after all. 

I’m truly sorry that my PTSD makes you feel uncomfortable! I’ll shut up now and be a good little rape victim. 



and it’s not rude at all to silence rape victims

The best part of all this? I was actually going to write a serious response to all this. 

And then I read the reblogs, and realized that none of you even deserve the viscous vibrantly green mucus of my post-nasal drip.

Oh, and just because we should always save our receipts in case we need to take shit back to the store:


and don’t forget the instigator of this lovely little debate, 

I don’t condone bullying. Even of these fucks. But feel free to engage them—politely, if only for the rules of tumblr—about their…interesting opinions. 

Also a list of people to block for anyone who needs it. 


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