devil’s resting place | a southern gothic mix for wind-chafed monster girls and ghosts, for the horror and excess of youth, and for taking a knife to the mask. For the slip-shy space between traumatic eruptions, for negotiating the shifting politics of victim/survivor; for the ones who bit the snake back and the ones who never thought to. For those whom even death cannot contain. 

O Quam Mirabilis (antiphon)/Hildegard von Bingen • Surgeon/St. Vincent • Little Black Train/Lonesome Sisters • A Forest/The Cure • What You Do (Will Come Back to You)/Lioness • Poor Atlas/Dessa • Lovely Creature/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds • You Let It Go/Kyla La Grange • Slow Moves/José González • Lady Margaret/Cassie Franklin • Half a Person/The Welcome Wagon (smiths cover) • Idumea/Sacred Harp Singers • Devil’s Resting Place/Laura Marling

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#hannibal #southern gothic #hannibal fanmix #abigail hobbs #horror #marisa shaw #georgia mandchen #warnings for #implied necrophilia #gaslighting #emotional abuse #abuse #(other awful things can be inferred but are not explicitly stated or necessarily implied) #the moment I heard the lyric #and if you have five seconds to spare/I'll tell you the story of my life #I knew I had the theme for this mix #because these girls never get to speak; not fully #their words and their stories are sublimated into the greater drive of the show's primary narrative #(this was. a cathartic mix to make.) #mine #gore/ #body horror/ #for ari! #(and a huge thank you to k; mae; ari; j; sway; and liy for your input and thoughts) #southern gothic au
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